Unmaintained and/or obsolete software archive

This page lists software I no longer care about, but keep here for historical purposes.

clpq - console LPQ
A C++ program that doesn't compile anymore. It would probably be better to rewrite it in a higher-level language, and use IPP or some external libraries instead of parsing the output of the lpq and lpc commands.
HTICQ - a web ICQ client
A CGI-based ICQ client written in Python. As far as I know, the protocol used by this client no longer works on the ICQ network, because it's too old.
Ruby Pixels
TGA pixel data library
gecrypt - Good Enough Cryptography
Strong, symmetric, authenticated encryption.
PBKDF2 for Python
It works, but PyCrypto now has its own implementation: Crypto.Protocol.KDF.PBKDF2.