Ruby Pixels - TGA pixel data library

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Ruby Pixels allows you to read and write RGB/RGBA pixel data stored in uncompressed, non-interleaved TGA (Targa)[?] files. Unlike some other libraries, Ruby Pixels reads and writes one row of pixels at a time, you can work with several large images at once without running out of memory.

This is the first release: v0.0.1.


Ruby Pixels needs no external libraries.



GNU Lesser GPL (LGPL) v3 or later. See the COPYING.LESSER and COPYING.GPL files for details.

Latest Release

v0.0.1 - Initial release (gitweb)

RDoc documentation is available.


The latest Ruby Pixels code is stored in a git repository, which you can access in the following ways:

RubyForge Project

Ruby Pixels has a project page on RubyForge.