TTFSampler - Sample sheet generator for TrueType fonts

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[Font names displayed using their respective typefaces]

TTFSampler is a utility that takes a list of TrueType fonts on the command line and generates a sample sheet in PDF format. The sample sheet contains several lines of text with each line demonstrating the appearance of a different font.

The latest version is v0.5.



GNU GPL v3 or later. See the COPYING file for details.


Usage: ./ [-fSv] [-s font-size] [-t text] -o output.pdf font.ttf...
Create a sample sheet from a list of TrueType fonts.

    -f      Skip broken or duplicate fonts rather than returning an error.
    -S      Don't sort.  Fonts will be displayed in the order specified
            on the command line.
    -t      Specify text to render instead of the default of using the font
            name.  (When this option is enabled, the font name will be
            displayed before the rendered text.)
    -v      Increase verbosity.
[Screenshot of gTTFSampler 0.5]

Latest Release (gpg) (gitweb)

The package now includes gTTFSampler, a GUI front-end to TTFSampler.

Version 0.5 works around some problematic fonts, improves the GUI, fixes some GUI bugs, and warns Windows users about a bug I couldn't fix.


The latest TTFSampler code is stored in a git repository, which you can access in the following ways: