FreeBASIC TV Batball

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This is not the real "Pong" game by Atari or anybody else.


FreeBASIC TV Batball is a Pong-style game that is designed to work as an accurate clone of an AFP "TV Fun" machine that I had. As such, it doesn't do anything too fancy, and it allows the game settings to be changed while the game is being played (just like the machine did with its front-panel switches).

FreeBASIC TV Batball is licensed under the GNU General Public License (version 2 or any later version).

FreeBASIC is used to compile the program.


Latest Version:

This version includes fixes for Win32, and a Windows executable. It also fixes a nasty off-by-one bug in the 1.1.0 sound code.

Archived versions:

Migrated from MS Q*BASIC to FreeBASIC. This version crashes on Win32, due to an idiotic buffer-overflow bug I put into it. For some reason, it worked fine for me on Linux...
This is the historical version for QBASIC/QuickBASIC (not FreeBASIC) that is essentially the same as the version I handed in for my Grade XI Computer Science course. It's also the oldest version that I still have.

Keyboard Controls

  (A) Left Paddle Up
  (Z) Left Paddle Down
  (S) Left Paddle Up Faster
  (X) Left Paddle Down Faster

  (-) Right Paddle Up
  (+) Right Paddle Down
  (*) Right Paddle Up Faster
  (9)/(6) Right Paddle Down Faster

  (H) Pause / Keyboard Help
  (P) Pause / Show Status
  (SPACE) Reset/Start Game
  (ESC) Quit

  (G) Game Mode
  (B) Bounce Mode
  (T) Ball Type
  (F) Font Type
  (R) Ball Rate / Game Speed
  (O) Sound On/Off
  (M) Change Maximum Score


[Table Tennis]
Table Tennis
[One-player Handball]
One-player Handball
[Two-player Handball]
Two-player Handball
[Pause and Settings]
Pause and settings-display screen
[Help screen]
Keyboard help screen